About me

Since leaving King’s College London in 2011 with a BSc in Physiotherapy, I have continued to develop my skills into other areas of health and fitness. This has included psychological therapy for pain (mindfulness and CBT) at Hertfordshire University, and women’s health physiotherapy with the highly esteemed POGP (Pelvic and Obstetrician Gynaecological Physiotherapy). 

This has led to my treatment approach being truly holistic and effective for my clients. I don’t believe that having optimal health and fitness needs to be complicated, and I don’t believe that we should have to continuously spend money to improve our health and happiness. I am therefore passionate in helping my clients learn strategies to help them in the long term so that they don’t have to keep coming back to me – as lovely as they all are!

By making small consistent changes in your lifestyle, you can achieve a huge positive change in your quality of life and happiness.

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let's work together

I provide a variety of ways to help you achieve your goals. 

Bespoke Physiotherapy Treatment

I have clinic rooms in Victoria London, and Ealing West London, for in-person appointments. For my clients who require discreet appointments away from the eyes of the media I can provide home visits or on-site/set visits. This can also be provided to those who cannot travel to my locations in London or for whom online physiotherapy is not preferential. 

Online Physiotherapy Treatment

Virtual sessions work very well for physiotherapy particularly if you travel for work or live abroad. It can also be perfect if you require more flexibility around appointment times. No matter where you are in the world, it’s a great way to keep connected and accountable with me throughout your programme. 

Yoga Guides

My Strength Through Yoga guides were co-written with amazing yoga expert Hannah Barrett. Our original Postnatal guides have already helped thousands of women to build an even stronger version of themselves after having a baby. After the success of our first guide, we added the Mindfulness guide for stress and anxiety, and our 12 week fitness guide The Circuits for EVERY body. Not only that, but we also provide live and pre-recorded online workshops. 

Online fitness and Pilates

My online fitness and Pilates classes are designed specifically for you. If you’re looking to improve your skills and understanding of yoga or Pilates before you join a group class, or want to improve your performance in other sports such as running or weightlifting through specially designed drills, or maybe you want to ensure a full recovery after injury or having a baby, this is perfect for you.

Corporate Workshops and Seminars

Stress, anxiety, burnout and chronic pain (including headaches) are the biggest causes of sick leave in companies and the reason why a lot of my clients have to take time out of their day to seek treatment. Simple strategies can help to reduce these statistics, prevent issues and improve happiness and effectiveness at work. I provide online and on site workshops that will be designed specifically for your team’s needs. This can also be great for gyms and fitness groups to help your members get the most out of their experience with you.

Media & Writing

I love writing about health and fitness and have contributed to multiple media publications such as The Telegraph and the Daily Mail online. Tackling common health and fitness myths, sharing the most recent research news and providing helpful tips is something that I am passionate about. Please connect with me if you’d like me to provide insight into health and fitness for your brand or publication. 

Social Media

Through Instagram and Facebook I share daily stories on health and fitness, and post regular videos demonstrating helpful exercises and strategies to improve your health and well being without having to spend money. Follow me on my Instagram @finolaphysio for free and easy to follow advice. 

“Finola is brilliant…. she quickly works out what the problem is, instinctively knows what needs to be done, and has endless patience for her clients who can’t remember how to do their exercises! I would recommend her to anyone.”

James Amos (Physio Client)