Pre And Postnatal Conscious Core Workshop


2.5 Hour Workshop · 30-day Replay Access

Let us help you feel empowered and strong in your core throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

Yoga instructor Hannah Barrett and physiotherapist Finola Burrell have already helped thousands of women strengthen their core through their online guides Strength Through Yoga. Join them in this 2.5 hour workshop where they bring you their expertise and experience so you can share knowledge and bust myths about pregnancy and postnatal fitness. Whether you are a yoga teacher, health professional, expecting mumma or have had a baby (recently or years ago!), this workshop is for you!

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Pregnancy is a time of many physical changes. Information on how to stay strong, fit and healthy can be confusing and conflicting. This workshop will help you understand:

• The anatomy of the core
• How to keep the core strong during and after pregnancy
• Things to avoid or modify in your yoga practice
• Myths to ignore!
• What is diastasis recti and prolapse, and how you can modify your practice to improve them
• Watch points and symptoms to look out for

Let us help you learn how to understand the pregnant and postpartum body, how to modify your yoga practice accordingly and how to know when you may need to seek help.

The 2.5-hour course will include a 45-minute flow with options to modify for both pregnancy and postpartum and lots of time for Q&As.



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