Strength Through yoga

I co-wrote these programmes with top yoga expert Hannah Barrett to combine the best components of yoga and physiotherapy. Designed to build a stronger you in both mind and body, in the comfort of your own home.


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Our postnatal eguide is for you whether you gave birth yesterday or ten years ago.! It is perfect for all levels of yogis, from complete beginner to advanced.
We cover a number of common postpartum issues like diastasis, c-section, incontinence and prolapse – information and advice and things you can do to help.
Although this book is primarily for mothers, for those who aren’t mothers there are still parts of the book that will be relevant. The information on essential muscles for exercise, posture, meditation and mindfulness, core engagement and the 10 weeks of strength building yoga circuits are beneficial for all. Alternatively you can check out our other 12 week eguide, The Circuits.

Absolutely, the exercises at the beginning of the guide and the information we provide about how to activate your core muscles are specifically designed to address and improve diastasis recti. You can also download our specific diastasis recti guides. We have also included watch points throughout all programmes to modify certain exercises if you have got diastasis recti, whilst you continue to rebuild your abdominal muscle strength.